I made the top 8 best posts in the entire world! :)

Youthmin.org is a really special and unique website. It is built, run, and contributed by people who are all doing vocational ministry. They are not heads of non-profits, publishers, or curriculum writers. They are youth workers. They work really hard at allowing new and fresh voices to be heard in youth ministry circles. And while I am not really new or fresh, I am been blessed to be a part of their team. best-blog-post-of-2012-list-of-posts-590x260

Every year they come up with a list of some of the top youth ministry blogs across the intraweb. These are nominated by average youth workers, and I am honored to have made the list.

This last year I got into a friendly and a little heated conversation about the appropriateness of bikinis at a denominational event later that summer. As we talked I realized how modesty is simply a cultural construct and the ones who need to mature in their faith are not quit who you would expect.

What are your pool rules? What is your stance on bikinis? What is your theological and cultural reasons for your position. It is this blog, Are Bikinis Sinful, that made the list.

If you think it is unique and fresh, or simply want to help my little blog make it to the next round, vote! Vote early, and often :) On the list you simply need to vote by clicking on this link and vote for: Ben Kerns - Are Bikinis Sinful.

No matter where I place or how far I make it this year, I am thankful for the blogging community and for the voices out there that contribute to a robust calling and helps to sharpen me and my fellow colleagues.

Blessings! And thanks for all your support and encouragement!